” A Few of My Favorite Things”

Do you remember the “Sound of Music” starring  Julie Andrews?  One memorable song begins like this ” Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” ?  We all have our favorites.  Even postcrossing encourages “faves”.

This is how it works.  You read the profile of the person you’re sending a postcard to.  Sometimes I get lucky and they want a picture of the beach (which happens to be one of the reasons we moved to Wilmington, NC).  Other times not so much.  Though I try to keep a variety of postcards on hand,  I’ve never been able to satisfy the more unusual requests: olympic games postcard or any postcards related to sports.  Whenever I go out of town, I am always on the hunt for impressive ones or ones that fit generic likeability.  Buying postcards is the topic for another blog.

According to my postcard wall, I have received 46 postcards that made it to my “faves”.  Anyone who sends me a postcard is left to making that personal choice.  If I only want postcards of kangaroos….I’d be lucky to get one and then I might never get the postcard of fish tails.

The postcard receiving the most “faves” (11) is from an event I accidentally attended.  We often enjoy walking on Wrightsville Beach, NC.  On this particular day there was a kite flying festival.  Imagine our delight as we approached the beach and saw cows, octopi,  and mermaids floating in the air.


And just if you were wondering what a “fish tail” postcard looks like:


This is not one of my favorite things but it gets high marks for being unique!

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