Do You Know The Way to Bungle Bungle?

Unless you are a subscriber to National Geographic you’ve probably never heard of this place.  Maybe it has been an answer (or is it question) on Jeopardy.  I had never heard of it much less know what country claims it.  Apparently it was undiscovered until the 1980’s and still can only be reached by four wheel drive.

Bungle, Bungle, or “The Bungles”, as it is referred to, is a range of sandstone domes found in Kimberly, one of nine regions in Western Australia.  It is the northernmost region.  If you traveled to the popular tourist destination of Purnululu National Park, part of that experience would be to see “The Bungles”.

Kellee, who lives in the lovely port city of Fremontte in Western Australia, sent this postcard. She has been postcrossing for 3 years.  This was her 525th postcard sent.  I also have been postcrossing for 3 years but not quite as active a participant.  I have sent 321 postcards.  In descending order these are the top 5 destinations:

Germany 48
Netherlands 33
Russia 24
Finland 29
Belarus 18

More about choosing postcards in another blog topic: “ To send or not to send, that is the question”.

And for anyone who would like to play a guessing game, How many miles do you think the Bungle, Bungle postcard traveled to reach my Wilmington, North Carolina mailbox?


6 responses to “Do You Know The Way to Bungle Bungle?

  1. Rosey

    Loving the blog! What a interesting hobby. You need to let me know more about it. I guess 14,000 miles. I know I am way off!

  2. Daniel C. Cronin

    I want to go to Bungle Bungle…

  3. janine

    Never heard of Belarus either! I am going to have to google it. I enjoyed reading this!

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