” A Few of My Favorite Things”

Do you remember the “Sound of Music” starring  Julie Andrews?  One memorable song begins like this ” Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” ?  We all have our favorites.  Even postcrossing encourages “faves”.

This is how it works.  You read the profile of the person you’re sending a postcard to.  Sometimes I get lucky and they want a picture of the beach (which happens to be one of the reasons we moved to Wilmington, NC).  Other times not so much.  Though I try to keep a variety of postcards on hand,  I’ve never been able to satisfy the more unusual requests: olympic games postcard or any postcards related to sports.  Whenever I go out of town, I am always on the hunt for impressive ones or ones that fit generic likeability.  Buying postcards is the topic for another blog.

According to my postcard wall, I have received 46 postcards that made it to my “faves”.  Anyone who sends me a postcard is left to making that personal choice.  If I only want postcards of kangaroos….I’d be lucky to get one and then I might never get the postcard of fish tails.

The postcard receiving the most “faves” (11) is from an event I accidentally attended.  We often enjoy walking on Wrightsville Beach, NC.  On this particular day there was a kite flying festival.  Imagine our delight as we approached the beach and saw cows, octopi,  and mermaids floating in the air.


And just if you were wondering what a “fish tail” postcard looks like:


This is not one of my favorite things but it gets high marks for being unique!

Do You Know The Way to Bungle Bungle?

Unless you are a subscriber to National Geographic you’ve probably never heard of this place.  Maybe it has been an answer (or is it question) on Jeopardy.  I had never heard of it much less know what country claims it.  Apparently it was undiscovered until the 1980’s and still can only be reached by four wheel drive.

Bungle, Bungle, or “The Bungles”, as it is referred to, is a range of sandstone domes found in Kimberly, one of nine regions in Western Australia.  It is the northernmost region.  If you traveled to the popular tourist destination of Purnululu National Park, part of that experience would be to see “The Bungles”.

Kellee, who lives in the lovely port city of Fremontte in Western Australia, sent this postcard. She has been postcrossing for 3 years.  This was her 525th postcard sent.  I also have been postcrossing for 3 years but not quite as active a participant.  I have sent 321 postcards.  In descending order these are the top 5 destinations:

Germany 48
Netherlands 33
Russia 24
Finland 29
Belarus 18

More about choosing postcards in another blog topic: “ To send or not to send, that is the question”.

And for anyone who would like to play a guessing game, How many miles do you think the Bungle, Bungle postcard traveled to reach my Wilmington, North Carolina mailbox?



Are you one of those people who can strike up a conversation with a “perfect stranger”?  If so, where does it most often happen?  Likely it involves waiting in a line somewhere.You chastise yourself for choosing the wrong check-out line.  Maybe the woman in front of you is digging in to their bottomless pit of a purse for their credit or debit card.  You soon realize you definitely chose the wrong line.

My suggestion, to help relieve the boredom and even impatience (not me) is to strike up a conversation with another soul enduring the same of life’s little annoyances.  Become an insouciant standing in line individual.  I have to use some “fifty dollar words” because 1) I like them and 2) my NYT crossword puzzling parents would be proud.

Anyway, I digress.  This blog is all about talking to strangers or rather, writing to strangers around he world.  It is a hobby I’ve participated in for three years: http://www.postcrossing.com.

Have you ever heard of it?  I hadn’t.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember how I discovered it.  But now that I have, it’s become a source of fun.  Finally there are things in my mail box that I look forward to.  There is anticipation, curiosity, delight.  How many people can describe their mail using those adjectives?!

The more you send, the more you are allowed to send.  Currently my limit is to have 15 “traveling”.  That means they are in transit.  Once they have reached their destination, the person receiving it registers it on the postcrossing website using a specific alphanumeric code.  The code is provided along with the person’s name address and bio.

So, if you haven’t figured it out already, I AM the “Postcard Ladie” and I want to share my postcards with you; the ones I buy and the ones I receive.

I’ve got lots more to say about post-crossing ( a point made in the book “Blogging for Dummies ” ; choose a topic that you can continue to blog about).  However, I don’t want to become like the person who gets your attention w inching your way to the cash register, who doesn’t know when to stop talking.”


Moravian Star postcard I bought in Bethlehem, Pa. Many Moravians settled here and traditionally these stars are hung during the Christmas season.